About Us

Coffs Coast Dragon Boat Club is a Dragon Boat sports club governed by Dragon Boats NSW. We welcome people 12 years of age and above from all walks of life and fitness levels who would like to try the sport of Dragon Boating. We paddle on the Bellinger River at River Road, Mylestom and on Bonville Creek at Dolmans Point (off Lyons Road) Sawtell. If you want to give the fun and challenging sport of dragon boating a try, check out our Learn To Paddle Course.

Dragon Boat History

Dragon boat paddling is an ancient Chinese sport dating back to 400BC. According to legend, revered Chinese Statesman and poet, Qu Yuan, drowned himself in the Mi Lo River in protest of the corrupt Ch'u Dynasty regime. Local fishermen attempted to rescue Yuan, but were unsuccessful and the sport of dragon boat paddling grew out of this as a commemoration of his tragic death.

Despite its ancient past, today dragon boating is one of the world’s fastest growing water sports enjoyed by millions of participants worldwide.

Why is dragon boat paddling so popular?

It’s a fun and challenging sport, with loads of health benefits, enjoyed by men and women of all fitness levels. 
Dragon boating will increase strength, endurance, coordination and is a great core-specific workout.  It works the upper body, legs and stomach while increasing cardiovascular fitness and improving bone density. People do it for the challenge, enjoyment, relaxation and social interaction.  

It's the ultimate team sport too!
Dragon boating has 20 paddlers in one boat, a sweep who steers the boat and a drummer who sits on the front. We invite you to join us! You will have fun!

Dragons Abreast Coffs Coast

Dragons Abreast Coffs Coast (DACC) is a member group of Dragons Abreast Australia and is proud to be affiliated with Coffs Coast Dragon Boat Club. DACC welcomes breast cancer survivors, supporters, and visiting DAA members.

Our boats are maintained and repaired by Blue Water fibreglass and shipwright services contact hamish@bluewaterfs.com or 0414686476